Outsourcing Pharma

  1. Are Preferred Provider Agreements the Best Model For Outsourced Manufacturing?

    ISR has observed use of Preferred Provider agreements and the proportion of outsourcing allocated to Preferred Providers increase over the past three years. Is it because PPAs are the best model for outsourced manufacturing?

  2. I Outsource, Therefore I Exist

    Today, the success of your programs has never been more contingent upon selecting and working effectively with your service partners. This is what our annual CMO Leadership Awards are all about.

  3. How Smaller Sponsors Can Compete For Attention At CDMOs

    Outsourced Pharma brought together a panel of experts at sponsor companies to discuss specifically how small biopharma can compete for attention at CDMOs.

  4. Critical Considerations In Outsourcing Nanotechnology Drugs

    A look at the benefits of using nanotechnology in drug development and the hurdles that must be overcome to entice a pharma company to offer nanotechnology alternatives to traditional therapy. 

  5. Analytical Testing Strategies For Clinical And Commercial Operations

    A summary of a survey designed to better understand the factors considered when establishing an analytical-testing strategy for clinical-material release.

  6. Sponsors And Providers Reaching Financial Summits

    Tim Scott, founder and CEO at both a CDMO and start-up biotech, maps out financial understanding for leaders of both approaches.

  7. Blockchain’s Evolving Role In The Life Sciences Supply Chain

    “Blockchain also can have a role in contract manufacturing, particularly in the technology transfer to a contract manufacturer in Phase 2 studies.”

  8. The Unique Demands of Cell and Gene Therapy Supply Chains

    Three cell and gene therapy sector SMEs representing industry and academia explain supply chain challenges and viable solutions.

  9. A Biotech's Guide To Selecting CDMOs: “35 Or 6 To 2”

    How one biotech started with a list of 35 possible CDMOs and whittled that list down to two.

  10. Using The QTA To Align Data -Integrity Expectations

    “FDA believes that quality agreements can be extremely valuable in delineating the activities of all parties involved in contract research and development arrangements.”