Magazine Article | December 12, 2011

A Little Help For Biopharm Executives

Source: Life Science Leader

By Shannon Primavere

There is no reason for me to try to tell you that success in the biopharm industry is a sure thing — you know better. Many pundits say we are supposed to be feeling better about our businesses than we were last year. After all, the recession is over ... right? But this is the biopharm industry, and it is likely an uphill battle for you every day, no matter what the current economic status. Sure, there have been a lot of predictions about how the bio industry is going to explode with profitability, but until then, you are dealing with day-to-day challenges ranging from securing additional funds from potential investors to successfully completing that clinical trial you have been toiling over for months.

As we did last year in our first edition of this supplement to Life Science Leader, we are hoping this issue will provide you with some information that can make your job easier. For example, the company listings starting on page 11 are categorized and designed to help you find, perhaps, a more efficient way to develop a drug or improve a process.

We have also included two articles that will likely produce two different emotional responses — optimism and — maybe — fear. The first article, written by Andrew Emmett of BIO, outlines how the results of some new studies not only give some good guidance for the industry but indicate that investments in biotech will increase. The second article talks more about how the biotech industry has struggled so far but does offer some hope for the future.

Keep this special edition, and use it as a reference throughout the year. And if you need more product information, be sure to check out one of our Life Science Connect websites,