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11.18.22 -- A New CEO Faces Immediate Challenges

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Managing Through Mixed Trial Results And An Economic Downturn

From mixed topline results from a Phase 3 trial of a lead candidate to the potential need to fund and conduct another trial prior to seeking regulatory approval, Cary Claiborne has been faced with multiple challenges since becoming CEO of Adial Pharma in August.

The Model Of A Well-Funded Biotech Startup

Here are some business management changes to secure the future of biotech startups in 2023 and beyond.

5 Steps To Avoid Mismanaging Biopharma Grant Funds

Here’s how to ensure you’re successfully maximizing that infusion of money and setting yourself up for further success in the grant world.

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6 Best Practices For Biopharma Talent Management In 2023

The Great Resignation. Inflation and the rising cost of goods and services are compelling workers in a variety of industries to seek higher salaries. This is being acutely felt in the life sciences industry. We need to revolutionize how we're approaching talent management in pharma and biopharma in order to succeed in this environment.

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Real-World & Late Phase: Making The Switch From Rx To OTC

Given the right expertise, Rx-to-OTC conversions are easier to achieve with less time and expense than one might expect for a regulatory exercise.

Optimizing Choice, Flexibility, And Outcomes With Patient-First Data Collection For Oncology

Oncology trials placed a heavy burden on patients due to travel burden, poor patient experience, and multi-year clinical trial commitments. Sites also struggle with cancer trials due to enrollment delays, complex data workflows, and multiple amendments requiring re-consents. Today, there is a more effective, patient-first solution.

Optimizing The Decentralization Of Clinical Trials

Decentralizing aspects of the clinical trial is a natural evolution, with the caveat being that the COVID-19 pandemic helped accelerate that evolutionary process by several years. But learn why decentralization is not necessary for all types of research.

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