Newsletter | February 21, 2024

02.21.24 -- Addimmune's Quest For A Functional HIV Cure


Managing Mergers With Sail's Guillaume Pfefer, Ph.D

While you might be aware that Sail Biomedicines was formed in Q4 of last year, the product of Flagship Pioneering’s decision to merge Senda Biosciences and Laronde. What you likely haven’t heard is the inside story of how the merger was executed. On the Business of Biotech, CEO Dr. Guillaume Pfefer takes us under the hood of Sail Biomedicines and its mission to marry evolution and AI to develop programmable medicines based on eRNA.


1 In 300 People In The U.S. Is Living With HIV. That’s Not Okay With Jeff Galvin.

By modifying CD4 T cells using miRNA, Jeff Galvin’s company thinks it can deliver a functional cure for HIV. Here’s the ongoing story of Addimmune and its unique clinical strategy.

In The U.K., Location Is Key To Survival For Life Sciences Startups

Startup biotech and pharmaceutical companies can benefit from basing themselves in locations where “chance” meetings with decision makers and potential collaborators are more likely to occur. The benefits of proximity between startups and Big Pharma go both ways.


Accelerating Timelines By Planning For Clinical Supplies In Advance

Discover methods to achieve accelerated development timelines, including adopting a single vendor approach, engaging experts earlier, and performing timeline steps in parallel versus linearly.

Sialic Acid Clone Screening Through A High-Throughput Lectin Assay

While the traditional high-performance analytical methods used to evaluate glycosylation offer high accuracy, their throughput limitations can create time and cost constraints that may hinder development.

The Future Of Cell & Gene Therapy: Process Improvements, Tech, And Talent

Wade Macedone, chief operating officer at Andelyn Biosciences, talks about how process improvement and operational excellence play an important role in the future of cell and gene therapies.

Talent And Supply: Building A Foundation For The Future Of Biopharma

Read how to create future-ready facilities supported by advanced scientific knowledge and a secure supply chain that can handle the unprecedented demands and constraints of a post-COVID world.

Small Is Powerful And Sustained

Advances in sustained-release drug delivery could improve efficiency and consistency in drug release, manifesting real-life advantages for patients in the form of enhanced accessibility and compliance.

A Revolutionary AI Use Case In Healthcare Communications

Explore the potential of AI-generated KOL videos as a credible medium for information dissemination and how AI has the potential to impact the way information is shared in the healthcare industry.


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