Newsletter | September 13, 2023

09.13.23 -- Addressing The Uncertainties Of The IRA In Biopharma


Viral Vector Upstream Platforms

Optimizing the upstream portion of gene therapy production sets the stage for successful manufacturing by maximizing viral vector titers. To increase upstream titers and reduce variability and risk, manufacturers must partner with upstream technology experts who work with HEK293, HEK293T, and Sf9 cells. Draw on our experience today to speed your gene therapy to patients. Learn more.


Addressing The Uncertainties Of The IRA In Biopharma

In recent years, the biopharma industry has been anything but predictable. But the creation of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 has added a new layer of uncertainty that reaches most corners of the industry.

What Impact Is The Inflation Reduction Act Already Having On Biopharma Companies, And What More Can The Industry Do Going Forward?

See the answer from Stephen Rapundalo, president and CEO of MichBio.

Leading With Authenticity

While in my last corporate job at a Fortune 100 company, I realized the kind of leader I would be: I would be me — authentic, kind, collaborative, purpose-driven, and empowering.


The Biosimilar Playbook On PBMs

There was a general sentiment among the PBMs that, at least in the beginning, Humira would remain in a preferred position alongside some combination of biosimilars. It is likely the ambiguity was intentional to encourage further competition among the new entrants.


Overcoming Formulation Challenges For mRNA, High-Concentration Proteins

Increased demand for protein delivery and the emergence of advanced modalities — including mRNA — are introducing new challenges to the development life cycle, such as high-concentration formulations, stability, and degradation.

CDMO Outsourcing Trends & Benefits In Biologics Manufacturing

The demand for biologics is projected to rise over the next decade. Explore the benefits of partnering with a CDMO as you aim to bring your drug to market.

How mRNA Manufacturers Disrupt The Industry

Learn how biopharmaceutical companies can apply proven strategies to overcome the hidden complexities in mRNA production. Discover solutions that can help you rapidly design and build a SU facility.

Gene Therapies For Better Kidney Treatments With Purespring Therapeutics

Purespring Therapeutics explores the importance of pursuing new treatments for kidney conditions and shares why it's poised for long-range commercial success.


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