Company Profile | February 27, 2014

2014 CRO Leadership Awards Winner

algorightme logo cro leadership award winner

Categories Won:

  1. Quality

  2. Regulatory

  3. Productivity

  4. Innovation


Drug Life Cycle Stages:
Research & Development: Clinical (Phase 1, Phase 2)

Main Service Areas:
Bioanalytical, Clinical

Services & Capabilities:
Algorithme Pharma provides a unique, full-service offering focused on early stage clinical development. Our services include the design and conduct of Phase I/IIa clinical trials, large and small molecule bioanalysis, data management, biostatistics, regulatory support, clinical pharmacology, and project management.

Therapeutic Areas:
Algorithme Pharma provides research services to the pharmaceutical, generic, and biotechnology  industries, with particular expertise in metabolic disease, nephrology, inflammation, hormone therapy, and infectious disease.

Chris Perkin

chief executive officer

“Partnering with our clients to get their drug through this critical early stage of drug development is our company focus. It is very rewarding to have these efforts recognized, as we work hard to treat every project with individualized attention, and to provide a personalized and customized
service that surpasses our clients’ expectations. Our company is continuously looking for ways to improve our customer relationships and our range of services to create even greater value for our sponsors.”