Newsletter | June 6, 2023

06.06.23 -- Antibody Variants, Mechanistic Modeling, And High-Throughput Process Development

Optimization Of A Two-Step Purification Method For Bispecific Antibodies

This presentation shows how to develop an efficient downstream purification process for a cancer immunotherapy bispecific antibody (bsAb).

Alkaline Stability Of Fc And VH3 Binding In Protein A Resins

In this study, we looked at how different antibody binding sites of a Protein A ligand are affected by cleaning-in-place (CIP).

AAV Full/Empty Capsid Separation Using Mechanistic Modeling

In this case study, we used mechanistic modeling to investigate how AAV-resin interactions are affected when MgCl2 is used as an elution additive.

Optimizing A HIC Step With HTPD

Discover a step-by-step high-throughput process development (HTPD) workflow to determine the optimal resin and initial conditions for hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC).