Video | July 30, 2021

Back To The Office

Source: Life Science Leader

Since lockdowns that began mid-Mar. 2020, remote work became the new norm for many, along with a new perspective. From the board room down to entry-level positions, knowledge workers suddenly saw their work and personal lives in a completely new light. More than a year later we hear the rallying cry that it is time to get, “Back To The Office.” While some companies are opting to remain 100% remote, others are implementing hybrid return to the office models. Then there are those that have signaled that despite the rise in COVID-19 cases sparked by the delta variant, it’s time to get back to business as usual, and that means 100% of employees being back in the office. It seems what’s right for companies and employees varies widely, so we thought an executive virtual roundtable (EVR) on the subject would be worthwhile. Providing perspectives for this EVR are Britt Byers, SVP, HR North America, Kyowa Kirin; Scott Nogi, VP of business Operations, Abeona Therapeutics; and James Mackay, PhD, Founder, president and CEO, Aristea Therapeutics.