Magazine Article | July 7, 2017

Balancing Biopharma's Bright Future Against Its Tarnished Image — Insights From 6 Retired CEOs

Source: Life Science Leader

By Rob Wright, Chief Editor, Life Science Leader
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Francois Nader knows of dark days. “When I joined NPS [Pharmaceuticals] we downsized the company from 450 people to 17,” he says. The company’s former CEO admits that was one of his most hated days as an executive, and he vowed never to put either himself or the company in a situation where he’d have to do that again. But the 30-year biopharma veteran knows of many more bright days, such as being at the helm of NPS when it was acquired by Shire for $5.2 billion. Today Nader is considered “retired,” a word he prefers to qualify. “I don’t think any one of us is technically retired,” he says in reference to the prolific group of former CEOs assembled for this article. “There is so much we all are still trying to do.”