Newsletter | March 29, 2024

03.29.24 -- Betting Billions On Radiopharmaceuticals


The AI Impact with Generate: Biomedicines' Mike Nally

Few drug discovery and development concepts are as hyped as machine learning and AI. One company on the bullish end of the spectrum is Flagship Pioneering's Generate: Biomedicines, which bills itself at the "intersection of machine learning, biological engineering, and medicine." Learn about the "generative biology" work it's doing and the AI/ML impact it anticipates as Business of Biotech sits down with Mike Nally, CEO at Generate and CEO-Partner at Flagship Pioneering.


Why Fusion Pharma Is The Latest Billion Dollar Big Pharma Buy In Radiopharmaceuticals

AstraZeneca's $2.4 billion acquisition of Fusion Pharma is the third billion dollar radiopharmaceuticals deal in recent months. John Valliant, Fusion's founder and CEO, explains why alpha-emitters are better than beta-emitters, and why radiopharmaceuticals are poised for substantial growth.


How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Pharma Marketing

Discover how AI is revolutionizing pharma marketing and understand the potential of AI to transform your marketing strategies, while considering the ethical implications that come with it.

Why CRO Staff Need Robust Digital Literacy Skills

Explore what specific forces are driving the need for strong digital knowledge and how contract research organizations can build those skills for use now and in the future.

The Path To Self-Administration: Moving From PFS To Auto-Injector

Review advice to pharma companies on three key areas of auto-injector device development: patient-centered design, container and device considerations, and manufacturing partner selection.

A Definitive Guide To Evidence Generation

Obtain a complete understanding of enrollment, screening, consent, and data collection by diving into this introductory handbook on decentralized clinical trials.

An Easy-To-Swallow Depression Drug For Elderly Patients

Examine how an innovative formulation approach helped a developer create a version of its drug that promotes treatment compliance within the geriatric population.


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