White Paper

Bio-G Whitepaper: Biomanufacturing Debottlenecking and Process Optimization

Optimizing biomanufacturing is particularly challenging because of variability and complexity associated with the sharing of finite and interdependent resources. Traditional approaches, like polling subject matter experts on the manufacturing floor or analyzing resource utilization rates, simply do not work. Worse still, the answers these approaches provide are often costly and can actually be detrimental to run rates and other critical KPIs.

What's needed is a fundamentally different approach. This approach, described in detail in this whitepaper, outlines how sequential debottlenecking based on discrete event simulation, combined with sophisticated "design of experiments" tuning, is the best way to truly maximize throughput. And, because of process variability and drift, we describe the importance of running this optimization process on a frequent basis. Biomanufacturing processes are dynamic and complex, and the methodology described in this whitepaper will help you get the highest possible run-rates and return on investment from your manufacturing facilities.

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