Newsletter | July 8, 2024

07.08.24 -- Celiac Disease Drug Needs A Partner


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Cash Needed For Phase 3 Celiac Drug Development

Industry veteran James Sapirstein, CEO of Entero Therapeutics, discusses the company's lead candidate, a treatment for celiac disease, and makes the case for investors and Big Pharma to step up and help bring it across the finish line.


KSQ Therapeutics' CSO, Micah Benson, Ph.D., joins Cell & Gene: The Podcast host, Erin Harris, to discuss how Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) as a treatment modality have the potential to treat a variety of solid tumor types. Benson explains KSQ's Phase 1/2 clinical study, KSQ-001EX, which consists of TILs in which the SOCS1 gene is inactivated by CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. Listen now and subscribe so you never miss an episode!


CSL Seqirus To Make Bird Flu Vaccine In Holly Springs

Learn about the contract BARDA awarded global vaccine maker CSL Seqirus to produce a stockpile of approximately 4.8 million vaccine doses in case of a bird flu pandemic.

Manufacturing Of Viral Vectors For Gene Therapy

Viral vectors are essential for delivering corrected genetic information to faulty genes within affected cells and are at the heart of the gene therapy process.

Integrating Early Development With Clinical Supply

In the era of seamless development, reducing time to the clinic and getting rapid approval is key. An integrated approach can accelerate timelines, avoid communication pitfalls, and improve outcomes.

Research And Industry Join Forces As Modalities Merge

How is current research driving the convergence of therapeutic modalities? What implications does this have for patients and healthcare? Find answers to these questions and more.