Newsletter | July 3, 2024

07.03.24 -- Companies To Watch: Volastra Therapeutics


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Companies To Watch: Volastra Therapeutics

Volastra Therapeutics is a drug discovery and development leader in the emerging field of chromosomal instability, a phenomenon that can determine how certain solid tumor cancer cells replicate and grow.


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As a result of advancements in research technology, "fashionable models" such as organoids and organs-on-chips (OoCs) have been developed. Explore organoid and OoC technologies in detail.

Developing A New Hybrid Technology To Treat Blood Clots

A startup is developing a new technology to address the treatment of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, which can offer better results than medications or medical devices alone.

New Technologies Transforming Pharmacovigilance, Improving Patient Safety

Explore how new technologies are making processes such as safety reporting far easier and more accurate, enhancing patient safety and freeing busy safety and clinical teams to do more.

Exploring An Integrated Solution For AAV Vector Clinical Production

Every choice is critical in AAV vector production. Experts share how to make the right choices, from the process and cell line, to off-the-shelf plasmids and qualified analytical methods.