Newsletter | June 7, 2023

06.07.23 -- Computational Biology's Role in Gene Therapy, Building Flagship Pioneering, and more episodes to check out!


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Voices From The Front Line Of Cell And Gene Discovery

Targeting Oncogenic Drivers For Solid Tumor Cancers

Hear from the CEO of a therapeutics company about how they are engineering immune cells to target oncogenic driver mutations, such as KRAS, to minimize potential tumor escape mechanisms.

TJU's Jefferson Institute For Bioprocessing's Impact On CGT With Parviz Shamlou, VP And Executive Director

Parviz Shamlou, vice president and executive director at Thomas Jefferson University, discusses the Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing (JIB), a full-service development and training organization specializing in biopharmaceuticals and biologics. Shamlou explains how JIB will move forward cell and gene therapies as well as JIB’s partnership with NIBRT (National Institute for Bioprocessing Research & Training) and much more.

Computational Biology's Role In Gene Therapy With Kriya Therapeutics' Dr. Shankar Ramaswamy

Shankar Ramaswamy, MD, CEO & cofounder, Kriya Therapeutics, joins us for a discussion on the evolving role computational biology plays in gene therapy development. He also discusses the company's lessons learned from building its own North Carolina-based in-house manufacturing facility as well as provides insight on the future of gene therapy.


Resilient Biopharma Leadership With Ambrx's Dan O'Connor

Since Dan O'Connor stepped in as CEO at Ambrx late last year, the company's stock has rallied on the revival of a previously shelved anti-HER2 ADC. It also raised $78 million and completed its ATM (at-the-market) offering. O'Connor is no stranger to overcoming adversity, which we discussed at length on this episode.

Funding A Neurodegeneration Startup With Coya Therapeutics' Howard Berman

Howard Berman, Ph.D., knows well the tragedy of cognitive decline. Now CEO of Coya Therapeutics, Berman joined us to share his strategy during a stingy stretch in capital markets.

A More NIIMBL Biotech Workforce With John Balchunas

What are biopharma's greatest skilled manufacturing labor needs, and what's the industry doing to fill them? NIIMBL's John Balchunas says advanced degrees and pedigrees aren't the answer. Listen in as Balchunas brings us up to speed on a training and development agenda designed to meet biopharma manufacturing's real-world skilled labor needs. 

Building Flagship Pioneering With Avak Kahvejian, Ph.D.

Flagship Pioneering is fertile ground for a bevy of blossoming biotechs, and one of its most prolific sowers is General Partner Avak Kahvejian, Ph.D. On this episode, Kahvejian takes us under the hood of one of the most burgeoning businesses in biotech, sharing details on the people, processes, and technologies fueling its rapid growth.