Could The New Way Of Working More Virtually Offer Opportunities To Break The Silo Mentality That Exists Within Organizations?

Source: Life Science Leader
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YES. TO BREAK THESE SILOS, WE SHOULD START BY STANDARDIZING OUR LANGUAGE (e.g., definitions of product portfolio, success metrics, risk levels, etc.) across an organization to more rapidly exchange information and avoid miscommunication/confusion. A good starting point would be to establish a global center of excellence to, among other things, implement best virtual practices and processes. Next, we should recognize cultural ambassadors who can communicate and model the best practices and common languages across business units. Lastly, leading through example is the cornerstone of breaking the silo mentality. Is there evidence of leadership values focused on cross-border exchange? What talent opportunity or recognition schemes are there to reward collaborative behavior?

JASON URBAN, PH.D., heads up Alexion Pharmaceuticals Quality Risk Management function.