Could The Pandemic Be Just What The Doctor Ordered For Bringing More R&D Minds To Major Biopharma Hubs (e.g., Boston, San Fran)?

Source: Life Science Leader
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NO. COVID SEQUESTRATION SHOWED US THAT EFFECTIVE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT R&D CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE there is access to scientists and capital. The global effort to find diagnostics, therapeutics, or vaccines to stem the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic had no geographic boundaries and bridged the gap between academic centers, federal governments, and big and small pharma. What we learned is that decentralized science is actually more efficient than we expected. I’ve not seen rents plummet, but availability of adequate R&D facilities is now critical as well-funded vaccine makers expand their footprints. I believe that this company expansion that is occurring in all the major biotech hubs opens the door for other regions to create a compelling argument for low-cost R&D hubs in less-crowded areas of the country, where they will not be forced to abandon home and lab when the next pandemic hits.

CAROL NACY, PH.D., is CEO of Sequella, Inc., a private company that develops new anti-infective drugs. She was formerly CSO at Anergen and EVP/ CSO at EntreMed.