Newsletter | March 27, 2024

03.27.24 -- Driving Efficiency And Effectiveness In Biopharmaceutical DevelopmentĀ 

Accelerating The Development And Production Of High-Quality Bispecific Antibodies

Bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) are revolutionizing medicine by targeting two disease mechanisms simultaneously. However, the intricate structure of bsAbs presents a significant roadblock in their development and manufacturing. Learn how an innovative platform offers excellent pairing and significantly enhances productivity and quality.


Optimizing Sialic Acid Clone Screening Through A High-Throughput Lectin Assay

Samsung Biologics’ Cell Line Development Group has implemented a novel high-throughput screening method for analyzing a molecule’s sialic acid profile by measuring its binding affinity with lectin. For this assay, lectins, sugar-binding proteins highly specific to their associated sugar moieties, are leveraged to improve specificity.


Overcoming Cell Line Development Challenges Through Early-Stage Assessment And Management

The biopharmaceutical industry is trending toward building process characterization systems and processes early in a project’s life cycle, enabling success for later-stage development. In parallel, work must be done to prepare development and manufacturing for that later stage, whether to enable studies or to commercialize the product.




Samsung Biologics, Your End-To-End CDMO Service Provider

Samsung Biologics is a fully integrated, end-to-end CDMO service provider offering seamless development and manufacturing solutions from cell line development to final aseptic fill/finish for biologics. Our facilities are cGMP compliant with bioreactor sizes ranging from small to large scale, enabling us to better serve the various needs of our clients and to meet growing biomanufacturing demands.


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