Newsletter | February 19, 2024

02.19.24 -- Dynavax's Reorg And Return To Growth


Remove Contaminating Nucleic Acids During Viral Production

In viral vector purification, free nucleic acid poses a threat to patient safety and decreases product yield. Discover how to remove DNA and RNA from your process and meet regulatory expectations today! Learn more here.


Dynavax’s Evolving Business Model

Dynavax found a new revenue stream during COVID and a way to grow market share in the absence of a market. Ryan Spencer describes the ups and downs and his own journey to the CEO role.

Companies To Watch: Promontory Therapeutics

A novel small molecule developer aims to shake up the solid tumor treatment landscape.


Potent Rifampicin Derivatives Can Clear MRSA Infections At Single Low Doses When Concomitantly Dosed With Vancomycin

Multidrug-resistant bacteria are rendering antibiotics ineffective. Review preclinical results of a potent macrocycle derivative and why collaboration is crucial to transition discoveries into treatments.

What Technologies Do Companies Rely On Most And When?

This article considers survey findings that illustrate how life sciences companies view and treat technology, and how they can be assisted in reaching their goals. 

Trends In Manufacturing Of Specialty Products

Explore the challenges of producing painkillers with abuse-deterrent formulations, tips for minimizing risk during HPAPI manufacture, and how to plan for successful technology transfer.

New Scale-Down Models To Get Vectors To GMP Stages

Explore how scale-down models can shorten timelines, accelerate process development, and advance your novel therapy to the GMP clinical stage with speed and reduced costs.

Help CROs Choose The Best Software: FDA Guidance On Umbrella Trials

Utilize this guidance as a valuable resource in navigating the evolving landscape of clinical research in innovative and transformative fields.

Talent, Training, And Scientific Infrastructure. All In NC.

Why are so many life sciences companies choosing to expand in North Carolina? It’s because of North Carolina’s talent, training and scientific infrastructure and business climate.


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