Magazine Article | December 12, 2011

Finesse Solutions, LLC

Source: Life Science Leader

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Finesse Solutions AG
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Finesse Solutions, LLC, has established a proven record in providing turnkey, scalable solutions for single-use upstream bioprocessing. The Finesse product platform includes an extensive portfolio of novel disposable sensors, modular configure-to-order automation hardware, and intelligent software that can harmonize global bioprocess information and technology transfer. Finesse also offers a complete set of services including startup, commissioning, and validation for rapid and reliable deployment of single-use equipment into cGMP manufacturing applications.

About Finesse Solutions, LLC
California-based Finesse Solutions, LLC, leads the way in developing new measurement and control technologies, in order to enable the transition to single-use systems, bring new capabilities to existing bioreactor platforms, and harmonize global bioprocess information transfer. Our current product family provides comprehensive measurement and control solutions for upstream processes in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Process Measurement and Control Solutions
Finesse was founded to bring digital plug-and-play solutions to life science customers so as to improve the management of complex bioprocess applications. Our initial focus is on improving sensor, hardware, and software solutions for process control in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Finesse = Sensors + Hardware + Software
Our objective is to provide unequaled sensor, hardware, and software solutions to life science applications. As such, we are constantly developing and introducing new products that deliver improved capability, reliability, and quality. To date, our products include next generation single-use optical sensors, digitally enabled hardware for plug-and-play process control, and easy-to-use software whose analytics scale from research into production.

Rethink bioreactor productivity.

You can dramatically boost your productivity — whether you’re running an R&D lab or a GMP manufacturing facility — with Finesse solutions. Enjoy higher performance at a lower cost with our next-generation optical sensors. Easily automate process setup and share data in powerful new ways with our user-friendly bioreactor control software. Experience optimal performance with our modular, space-saving hardware. Leverage our complete service package for installation, commissioning, and validation.
Rethink your productivity now. Capitalize on the only complete, proven, and scalable cGMP single-use solution in the market.

Finesse has the solutions you need. Now.

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