Magazine Article | July 1, 2014

Following The Lead From Big Pharma Or Biotech May Not Identify The Right Supplier For Emerging/Niche Or Start-Up Companies

Kate Hammeke, Contributing Editor

A couple of years ago, Nice Insight explored how the essential qualities for outsourcing relationships varied between
large and midsized companies, in addition to traditional pharma companies versus biotechs. As one would imagine,
these essentials differ quite a bit from emerging or start-up companies, as their needs when it comes to outsourcing are different from larger companies’. 

Oftentimes the company is too new to the industry to have a well-established process for selecting providers or a track record of what has worked well in the past. To further complicate matters, it is not uncommon for senior leadership at start-up companies to have a history at a Big Pharma or biotech and to be brought on for their expertise — which is a strong positive in many aspects of running a successful business but not necessarily in finding the right type of outsourcing partner.