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03.25.24 -- Functional Uses Of AI


A Full-Service Solution Partner Disrupting the Outsourcing Paradigm

inSeption Group is a global full-service outsourcing organization that has resurrected a common-sense approach to rebuild business trust and confidence in a client’s selected vendor. Primarily focused on oncology, hematology, neurodegenerative disorders, and rare/orphan disease indications, with a specialization in cell and gene therapy, inSeption has been a solution for its’ clients who have experienced the progressive degradation of today’s outsourcing options. Contact them.


Exploring Functional Uses Of AI In Life Sciences

Generative AI is making an impact across functional areas at life sciences companies. This article provides current examples and use cases from drug discovery and clinical trials to manufacturing, commercialization, and patient monitoring.

Doubling Down On Biopharma’s Growing Skills Drought

The biopharmaceutical industry is building manufacturing capacity at breakneck speed. According to PhRMA, there are 1,580-and-counting biopharma manufacturing facilities in the U.S. alone. Problem is, we're way short on filling those facilities with skilled labor. NIIMBL wants to change that. Here's how, and a great opportunity for big pharma, biotech sponsors, CDMOs, academics, and more to help.


The AI Impact with Generate: Biomedicines' Mike Nally

Few drug discovery and development concepts are as hyped as machine learning and AI. One company on the bullish end of the spectrum is Flagship Pioneering's Generate: Biomedicines, which bills itself at the "intersection of machine learning, biological engineering, and medicine." Learn about the "generative biology" work it's doing and the AI/ML impact it anticipates as Business of Biotech sits down with Mike Nally, CEO at Generate and CEO-Partner at Flagship Pioneering.


How PATs Improve Bioreactor Performance And Inline Monitoring

Accurately monitoring process parameters and bioreactor performance while leveraging process analytical technologies can lead to strong improvements in productivity, quality, and process stability.

Four Challenges That Stall Advanced Therapy Development

Many challenges can stall an advanced therapy’s development, including the vast majority of them that are tied to inadequate preclinical planning and partner vetting.

Managing A Continually Evolving Disclosure Landscape

Compliance is more important than ever. Keep up with how regions are enforcing disclosure requirements by learning how to adjust compliance strategies accordingly.

Exploring An Integrated Solution For AAV Vector Clinical Production

Every choice is critical in AAV vector production. Experts share how to make the right choices, from the process and cell line, to off-the-shelf plasmids and qualified analytical methods.


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