Newsletter | February 12, 2024

02.12.24 -- Gene Editing Versus Gene Therapy


Empress Builds Base For Small Molecule Innovation

Empress, launched by Flagship Pioneering, aims to harness AI and evolutionary biology to design the next generation of small molecule therapies.

Gene Editing Versus Gene Therapy: Is There A Difference?

This article navigates the nomenclature that underlies gene therapy and gene editing technologies and explores the latest advancements in genome medicine.


In Vivo Outlook 2024: A Healthcare Metamorphosis

Predicting the future in the biopharma realm is inherently challenging. Read this report for insights into the evolving dynamics of the healthcare and biopharma sectors in the coming year.

Reaching First-In-Human Trials Faster: Connect With The Right Partner

Assessing outsourcing partners’ credentials in people, technology, supply chains, and integration will make all the difference to mitigate risk and streamline processes on the path to commercialization.

Fundamentals For Bispecific Antibody-Based Cell Line Development

BsAbs’ dual specificity opens a wide range of applications. Understand why consistent production of structurally complex molecules that exhibit high yield and purity requires keen expertise and experience.

Deciphering Fiction From Reality In The Technology B2B Sell Cycle

Gain insight from someone who has worked on both sides of B2B sales about choosing a technology partner and what you should look for in a vendor.

Understanding The Gene Therapy Manufacturing Process

Gene therapy is the process of replacing damaged or unhealthy genetic material with new material for treating diseases and conditions. Discover the manufacturing process, including steps and timelines.


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