Newsletter | July 5, 2024

07.05.24 -- Generative AI And Medical Writing


Bioprocess Online is excited to introduce Bio-Expo Live, a series of live virtual events designed to empower biopharma professionals with the chance to conveniently explore the newest equipment and offerings in Upstream Bioprocessing, Downstream Bioprocessing and Bioprocess Quality, Data, and Analytical Solutions. Registration is free, reserve your spot today!


Could GenAI Dramatically Reduce The Cost Of Regulatory Medical Writing?

Time-poor regulatory professionals stand to benefit substantially from generative AI, which can speed up the creation of marketing authorization applications or life cycle maintenance activities, for example. However, success will depend on how the technology is applied and controlled.


KSQ Therapeutics' CSO, Micah Benson, Ph.D., joins Cell & Gene: The Podcast host, Erin Harris, to discuss how Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) as a treatment modality have the potential to treat a variety of solid tumor types. Benson explains KSQ's Phase 1/2 clinical study, KSQ-001EX, which consists of TILs in which the SOCS1 gene is inactivated by CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. Listen now and subscribe so you never miss an episode!


How Sponsors And Patients Benefit From A Site-Centric Partnership

Creating a site-centric partnership between a pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical sponsor and a clinical trial site can ease personnel and patient burdens, driving high-quality data collection and documentation.

Including Diversity At The Onset

Companies in the clinical space should begin their clinical trial diversity efforts with a fit-for-purpose clinical protocol. Explore best practices for incorporating diversity into clinical planning.

From Manual To Automated: Navigating Financial Waters In Clinical Trials

Managing finances during clinical trials is often as critical as the trials themselves. Learn the benefits of transitioning from manual to automated financial processes for more efficient trials.

From Nanoformed Powder To 3D Printable Ink

3D printing in pharmaceutics is advancing to offer innovative drug delivery applications. Explore the possibilities of forming stable suspension in printing ink from nanoformed materials.


Article Submission Guidelines Life Science Leader

Think you have a good idea for an article that Life Science Leader readers would find valuable?  Read these guidelines first before submitting your idea or your article to our editorial director.