How Are Life Science Leaders Preparing For A Potential Talent Shortage In The New Digital World?

Source: Life Science Leader

A | WE NEED TO CREATE BUSINESS OBJECTIVES THAT MEET THE DIGITAL WORLD. Take, for example, business analytics. Let’s create a state-of-the-art process for business analytics, leveraging the latest technologies such as demand sensing and AI. Going further, identify a center of excellence within your organization dedicated to advancing business analytics. This will attract the best talent and develop a broad network across the industry.

We also need to provide current employees with digital learning training and opportunities, as well as incentivize them with rewards. For employees who are highly digitally talented, create a career development path that is motivating, challenging, and inspirational. When I studied this talent pool, I noticed they like a flexible and collaborative work environment. If we provide an environment, training, and business objectives that are digitally driven, we will retain and have a highly productive pharmaceuticals/biotech company.

CHHAYA SHAH is SVP of technical operations at Radius Health. Previously she held executive level positions with Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Shire, Wyeth, and Abbott Laboratories.