Magazine Article | October 3, 2022

How Can Novel Data Registries Inform The Development Of New Medicines, Or Improve Patient Care?

Source: Life Science Leader

Lisa Conte
WE ESTABLISHED THE JAGUAR HEALTH “CANINE CANCER: TAKE C.H.A.R.G.E.” (CANINE HEALTH AND REGISTRY EXCHANGE), the first U.S. national canine cancer registry, to assess the prevalence and incidence of cancer in the country’s 108 million pet dogs. Along with advancing canine cancer research, Take C.H.A.R.G.E. can help advance human oncology research. There are flaws in our research standards, including using mice to study the efficacy of treatments before moving into human trials. Dogs are more predictive models, as they suffer from similar cancers to humans, and we use similar drugs, so data from the registry is of multifaceted value. Additionally, dogs live in the same environment as humans, drinking the same water, often eating the same food. We believe we may get early signals of areas where there’s a higher cancer rate because of some environmental factor.

LISA CONTE is founder, president, and CEO of Jaguar Health.