How Can The Industry Effectively Partner With Health Agencies To Revamp Clinical Trials, Which Are A Major Factor For Slow/Costly Drug R&D?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A: IF THERE WERE ONLY ONE THING THE INDUSTRY COULD FOCUS ON TO “HARNESS THE POWER” OF HEALTH AGENCIES TO REDUCE COST AND increase speed, it would be to drive clinical trial participation through more efficient identification and enrollment of patients. Health agencies globally often have direct access to patient populations and data, and more effective collaborations should allow for more efficient identification and speedier enrollment. The sheer number of potential therapies coming to clinics is exacerbating patient enrollment challenges, and such enrollment barriers mean treatment options often don’t make it to patients in a timely manner. Collaborations with health agencies focused on the appropriate identification and enrollment of clinical trial candidates could have a significant impact on cost and efficiency, with the potential added bonuses of driving more effective partnerships between the industry and governments leading to better outcomes.

JEFF BERKOWITZ serves on several biopharmaceutical company boards, including H. Lundbeck A/S.