How Can We Ensure We Don't Overburden Patients With Requests For Input Into Our Trial Designs And Disease Burden Questions?

Source: Life Science Leader

A | PATIENT ORGANIZATIONS CONTINUE TO ADD TO THEIR PLATE AND HAVE LIMITED RESOURCES. So, it’s important you have an established channel of communication with them before the need arises. Ask them questions, learn from them, listen to what they are doing and what their patient populations are telling them, and those insights will add value as you build trial designs and questionnaires. Many groups have patient registries; see how you can engage with those resources, as well. These groups were built to add value for their patients, so they want to do that with your company, but they have many demands and little infrastructure and resources to do so. Think about the things you are doing and resources you have internally to share knowledge, and make that exchange mutual.

MARGARET ANDERSON is a managing director at Deloitte. She was previously executive director at FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute.