How Has COVID-19 Forever Changed Your Role/Area Of Expertise For The Better?

Source: Life Science Leader
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THE ‘’NEW-NORM” POST-COVID HAS USHERED IN A PARADIGM SHIFT for how business is now conducted. For example, capital market access has been significantly improved by leveraging technologies such as Zoom to facilitate real-time, virtual collaboration and productivity. This change has significantly compressed time from a couple of weeks to several days for in-person fundraising road shows that were littered with logistical challenges. Furthermore, this shift in investor engagement has alleviated the burdensome/time-consuming treadmill of in-person participation at investor banking conferences (generally viewed as a fundamental activity associated with capital market access), enabling a significant savings in time, which can be effectively repurposed for additional value-creating activities. Considering “time is always the enemy,” this evolution in investor engagement is highly accretive.

ALLAN SHAW is a four-time public company CFO and has served on five public boards, which included chairing two audit committees and two compensation committees. He is currently involved with a portfolio of healthcare activities.