Magazine Article | November 7, 2018

Improving Access To Care Via Asset-Light Approaches

Source: Life Science Leader

By Suresh Kumar

Looking at our healthcare system and policies from time to time through the lens and experiences of care delivery in other countries is worthwhile. Contrasting different systems can provoke and provide better approaches.

I spent the last two weeks under overcast grey skies in the U.K. Weather-wise and otherwise, I was struck by the stark rural-urban contrast and the divide between Scotland and the rest of Britain and its implications on policies. Incessant drizzle in congested London gave way to driving on picturesque, narrow-winding, single- lane roads under near-deluge conditions. When nature relented every several hours, the clouds lifted to reveal gorgeous dales, pristine moors, and stunning coastlines. And the people; how they optimize the hand they have been dealt, how and with whom they collaborate, and how they move forward.