Newsletter | May 23, 2023

05.23.23 -- Improving Compliance And Accuracy Of Dosing Using Patient-Centric Formulation Approaches

Formulation Considerations For Pediatric Populations

To address the challenges of pediatric formulations, specialized technology platforms are often needed to provide ease of application and improve patient outcomes. Specialized dosage forms can help overcome barriers to adherence in pediatric medicine.

An Easy-To-Swallow Depression Drug For Elderly Patients

Many elderly patients experience difficulty swallowing, leading to a sharp decline in treatment compliance since patients will often delay or skip doses to avoid pain or discomfort. Examine how an innovative formulation approach helped a developer create a version of their drug that would better serve the geriatric population.

Overcoming Dysphagia And Taste-Related Challenges Of A Malaria Drug

Dysphagia often leads to poor treatment compliance, and disproportionately affects the elderly. Most dysphagic patients are given a compounded formulation, but this strategy can lead to poor product quality. Learn how a microencapsulation process enabled successful formulation of a water-soluble powder that helps drive patient adherence.

The Path Toward Efficient Pediatric Formulation Development

Review the proposed use of a pediatric quality target product profile as an efficient tool to facilitate early planning and decision-making during the children-centric formulation design for new chemical entities. Greater collaboration between formulation experts and clinical colleagues is advocated to ensure safe, effective, and age-appropriate medicinal products.

Patient-Centric Solutions: Taste Masking

The FDA continues to push for pediatric-friendly formulations. Taste, smell, and mouthfeel are the key product features to address when developing pediatric formulations. Incremental formulation and clinical research require cost-effective solutions with flexibility in manufacturing scale.  

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A Technology-Driven CDMO Delivering Integrated End-To-End Services

Adare’s specialized technology platforms provide taste masking, controlled release, solubility enhancement, and patient-centric dosing solutions. Explore this interactive PDF with information about technologies and end-to-end integrated CDMO services provided by Adare Pharma Solutions.

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