Newsletter | May 25, 2023

05.25.23 -- Increasing Oral Bioavailability With Solid Form Options

Solid Form Strategies For Increasing Oral Bioavailability

Once a poorly soluble commercial drug has been committed to development, what are the solid form preparation options to improve its oral bioavailability? Optimizing a drug’s solid form can improve its solubility and bioavailability when further molecular modifications are prohibitive.

Are Drugs Becoming More Lipophilic Over Time?

Drug lipophilicity is a core property that contributes to drug solubility, permeability, metabolic disposition, and other key properties. Investigate how drug lipophilicity has changed with some data.

Nanoparticle Solutions For Drug Delivery Innovation

Nanoform's VP of U.S. business development, Eric Peter, delves into the human trial results for the world’s first nanoformed drug and discusses the ongoing industry collaborations investigating how nanoparticle engineering can facilitate drug delivery innovation to ultimately benefit patients.

Pharmaceutical Development

Developing an optimized formulation tailored to your API nanoparticles is critical to unlocking their full potential. Using our knowledge of nanomaterials science and specialized nanoformation expertise, Nanoform can help you to deliver a formulation that meets your needs.

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