Magazine Article | May 1, 2009

INTERPHEX Product Showcase

Source: Life Science Leader

By Dan Schell

3M Drug Delivery Systems announced the signing of an exclusive technology license and purchase agreement with Cambridge Consultants for its Conix Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) technology platform. The Conix DPI technology, also called reverse-flow cyclone technology, adds to 3M's extensive inhalation technology platform.

ATL Security Label Systems showcased its IDGLOBAL technology, which provides each label with an invisible, nondegradable, digital forensic "marker." This forensic marker provides multiple levels of security and is used to overtly and covertly authenticate various items. The company also demonstrated its handheld detection system that is used in tandem with IDGLOBAL technology.

Customer data from ATMI’s Nucleo Bioreactor was released publicly for the first time at INTERPHEX. The scalable bioreactor is designed to minimize stresses on anchorage-dependent cultures while achieving new levels in high density cell line growth. The company also featured an array of advanced solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

Celsis International launched its Celsis ReACT, an RNA-based assay for detecting objectionable organisms quickly (two hours) and definitively without the need for expensive equipment or specialized training. Pharmaceutical manufacturers using Celsis Rapid Detection systems for their primary screening of raw materials, in-process, and finished goods can now use this new RNA-based assay to obtain fast results on samples that test positive for microbial contamination.

Deacom exhibited its integrated accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The DEACOM System integrates bar-coded lot tracking and inventory control, QA/QC, formulation, regulatory reporting, production, sales, purchasing, and accounting in one software solution. The software uses a SQL Server database and provides all the electronic signatures and audit trails required by 21 CFR Part 11 and other cGMPs.

Dow Corning displayed its Pharma Fabricated Tubing Assemblies (FTAs), which are designed to help reduce the risk of contamination in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical processing. The tubing assemblies are made from Dow Corning’s Silastic Medical Grade Elastomer and are produced at the company’s dedicated, FDA-registered healthcare industries materials site.

Finesse Solutions demonstrated its TruFluor pH, a single-use optical pH measurement system. The TruFluor pH and temperature sensor is a single-use solution consisting of a disposable sheath, an optical reader, and a transmitter. The single-use sheath can be preinserted in a disposable bioreactor bag port and irradiated with the bag, in order to both preserve and guarantee the sterile barrier.

Gore PharmBIO Products announced it has doubled its manufacturing capacity by opening a new production facility in Elkton, MD. The new facility will handle production of several lines of Gore PharmBIO’s products and was needed in order to boost output and efficiencies to meet growing customer demand.

Hamilton Company announced its North American launch of the Visiferm DO — an optical dissolved oxygen sensor. Symmetrical, heat-resistant, dual-channel optics, and measurement amplifier are all self-contained in a standard 12 mm format. Polarization time that takes up to eight hours with traditional sensors is completed in as little as 15 minutes with the Visiferm.

Pall Life Sciences unveiled its new Pall Stax single-use depth filter platform, designed to help reduce costly labor time and eliminate equipment cleaning expenses and cleaning validation requirements incurred by biopharmaceutical manufacturers with traditional plate and frame depth filtration systems. The platform can be anchored to the floor or placed on casters.

CMO Patheon was promoting its ABC plan at the show. The “A” stand for acquisition (Patheon acquires a customer’s site), “B” stands for business management (Patheon takes over management of a customer’s site), and the “C” stands for carve-out (the customer’s portfolio of products are transferred into Patheon’s network).

PTI Inspection Systems showcased its new VeriPac 325/LV micro leak tester. The VeriPac 325/LV nondestructive inspection system offers integrity testing approaches that permit highly sensitive micro leak detection of empty syringes, liquid-filled syringes, and liquid-filled & lyophilized vials, as well as other types of liquid-filled packaging.

Toyo Machine Manufacturing exhibited a six-lane stick pack machine for precise powder dosage applications. The Toyo Model TM-50-6 is a fully automated stick pack machine which forms, fills, and seals stick packages in a method where sealing bars are kept away from the primary package by forming a raised biased fin seal.