Knowing What You Know Now, What Would You Do Differently When Growing Your Company?

Source: Life Science Leader


  • I'd surrender faster and replace myself sooner.
  • I'd control less and influence more.
  • I'd think learning is a journey not a destination.
  • I'd develop talent earlier and faster.

I eventually did all these things, but I clearly held onto the CEO role for too long. Controlling leaders operate in a world of addition and subtraction, while the calculus of a leader understands that surrender is built on exponential multiplication. Here’s the thing – the purpose of leadership is not to shine the spotlight on yourself, but to unlock the potential of others so they can shine the spotlight on countless more. Control is about power – not leadership. Surrender allows leaders to get out of their own way and focus on adding value to those whom they serve.

Mike is a noted leadership expert, author of Leadership Matters – The CEO Survival Manual, and widely regarded as America’s Top CEO Coach.