Magazine Article | May 2, 2018

Leaders In Biotech: Raising Our Voices Beyond Industry's Walls

Source: Life Science Leader

By Jeremy Levin

I have recently chosen to speak out on a number of serious issues, from immigration, to pricing, to CEO compensation. Why do I do it? For me, speaking out is not just important, it is essential. I believe that a democratic nation is the most vibrant form of society and that healthcare is one of the critical pillars of democracy. A society is healthiest when its people are their most productive selves because they are not afflicted by illness. Members of a healthy society are able to give their all to their endeavors because they are unencumbered by maladies and can embed all of their best efforts in making society better and more productive. The biotechnology industry, which enables individuals to be their most successful and productive selves, is thus a crucial component of what makes America a great nation. Our goal as an industry must be to ensure that we do our best to innovate and create the treatments of tomorrow, thereby supporting the foundations of our democracy. And so, as a leader in this field, it is my duty to advocate for the needs of patients, no matter how far those needs may extend beyond the scope of my individual company.