Newsletter | February 14, 2024

02.14.24 -- Mitigating ESG Risks Due To Antimicrobial Resistance


How To Address ESG Risks Arising From Antimicrobial Resistance

Pharmaceutical companies must do more to mitigate the growing legal and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks around anti-microbial resistance. Experts at international law firm Freshfields offer tips for company leaders.

Where Are They Now? Ono Pharmaceuticals

Ono Pharmaceuticals continues its quest to become a global biopharmaceutical company, after discovering and helping to launch one of the most successful cancer drugs, Opdivo, in the last decade.


Using Nanoparticle Encapsulation To Improve Pharmaceuticals And More

It began with moonshine and culminated in a promising foray into nanotechnology. Learn about the inception of NuRevelation and their pioneering of all-natural, self-assembling nanoparticle technology.

Getting Genomic Medicines Ready For Prime Time

Explore the benefits of building a manufacturing process early, how research into LNPs in nucleic acid therapeutics will contribute to the development of future drugs, and more.

Integrated Solutions For Advanced Therapies

The right CDMO offering integrated services can ease common CGT manufacturing problems such as scale, access to high-demand raw material, viral vector production, and quality requirements.

Outsourcing Vendor Red Flags: Bids And Contracts

Adept CRO communication doesn’t just indicate the vendor’s ability to deliver a thoughtful bid, it demonstrates their ability to analyze, operationalize, and optimize a plan.

Navigating AAV Vector Manufacturing

Due to its therapeutic impact on a wide range of diseases and disorders, adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapy is one of the most promising advances in modern medicine.

Enhancing The Solubility Of High Lipophilicity Drugs Via Spray Drying

An R&D project shows that the solubility and dissolution characteristics of Itraconazole can be improved by helping to maintain an amorphous state after spray drying with selected hydrophilic polymers.


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