Newsletter | April 1, 2024

04.01.24 -- New Mechanisms In Obesity


Reducing Toxicities in Allogeneic Cell Therapies with Orca Bio's Dr. Scott McClellan

Orca Bio's CMO, Dr. Scott McClellan, joins Cell & Gene: The Podcast to discuss how and why toxicities continue to stymie allogeneic cell therapies. Learn about the company’s plan to potentially lower the risk of GvHD as well as Orca-T, the investigational high-precision allogeneic cell therapy being evaluated in clinical trials for the treatment of multiple hematologic malignancies. Listen now and subscribe so you never miss an episode!


Small Startup Going For A Big Play In Obesity

Can a small startup compete on the big obesity stage? Resalis hopes to bring a new mechanism, and new benefits, to the fight against obesity.

Five Lessons For Creating The Drug Development Leaders Of Tomorrow

Inspiring and nurturing the drug development leaders of tomorrow throughout their school years, early work experiences, and their careers helps patients, companies, and society at large. AstraZeneca's Renee Iacona provides the how and why.


Strategies To Achieve Successful Approval And Launch

Four experts share how scale-up, regulatory expectations, demand forecasting, and process validation all play a role in the success of a biologic when embarking upon the commercial manufacturing journey.

Overcoming Financial Toxicity In Oncology Clinical Trials

Review the historical struggles of oncology research due to financial toxicity, which industry initiatives are breaking barriers, and ongoing D.C. advocacy for lower patient stipend taxes.

Key Takeaways Of Annex 1: What It Means For Your Cold Chain Management

The latest update to Annex 1 clarifies and expands on EMA guidelines for the manufacture of sterile medicinal products. What are the practical implications, specifically for cold chain management?

Explore The Nation’s Preeminent Life Sciences Hub

Middlesex County, NJ, is a hotbed for the life sciences, offering a deep talent pool, an extensive R&D presence, and dedicated backing by local government in the form of strategic investment.


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