Now That 2020 Is Behind Us, What Should We Be Paying Attention To?

Source: Life Science Leader
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THE LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY IS POISED TO MAKE IMPORTANT STRIDES THIS YEAR. As a community, we need to continue creating the tools, but also step up and manage the pandemic with its surrounding global health issues more effectively. The pandemic accelerated the need to innovate, and innovation in biopharma has never been richer. We need to focus on how to increase the probability of success, and from my perspective, this comes down to innovations that translate into actual medicines. Additional topics that will continue to be relevant into 2021 are:

  • leadership in a new COVID-altered world
  • new business practices in R&D
  • diversity and inclusion
  • blending tech and biotech
  • industrializing cell & gene therapy

DR. AXEL HOOS is SVP, R&D governance chair, and therapeutic area head for oncology at GSK.