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03.27.24 -- Personalized Approaches For Treating Obesity


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What The Emerging Science Tells Us About Treating Obesity

Treating obesity effectively is more complex than simply prescribing Wegovy or Zepbound. Awareness of new and established treatment options, and distinct phenotypes that contribute to obesity, will improve outcomes across heterogeneous patient groups.


How Drug Delivery Is Enabling A Clinical Trial For Glioblastoma

Review highly promising in-vivo data, enabled by a nanoformed drug product for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

Real-Time Live Cell Imaging In Successful ADC Development

Explore how the visualization of critical cellular responses can enable live-cell imaging to indicate effective payload delivery, increasing the potential of identifying clinically viable ADC leads.

Innovative Softgel Technologies To Deliver Poorly Soluble Molecules

Discover how to expedite the development pathway for early phase compounds and how lipid based formulations provide an innovative approach to enhance bioavailability for challenging molecules.

Meet The Demand: Doubling Capacity At Two 503(b) Manufacturing Sites

503(b) compounders require special attention to maintain cGMP and regulation compliance. Examine the process for designing and managing the addition of new facilities for injectable manufacturing.

North Carolina Life Sciences Ecosystem Continued To Thrive In 2023

Learn about the significant life sciences investments, continued workforce development, and national recognition North Carolina received that enabled them to remain a top state for business in 2023.

Sialic Acid Clone Screening Through A High-Throughput Lectin Assay

While the traditional high-performance analytical methods used to evaluate glycosylation offer high accuracy, their throughput limitations can create time and cost constraints that may hinder development.


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