Video | December 18, 2020

Preparing For A Virtual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (JPM)

Source: Life Science Leader

For biopharmaceutical and life science company executives, the new year typically begins by attending the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (JPM) at the Westin St. Francis hotel on Union Square in San Francisco Unfortunately , like so many in-person events negatively impacted by COVID-19 last year, the 2021 JPM conference will be 100% virtual. So, we thought it would be interesting to have a discussion with three biopharmaceutical executives about how they are preparing for this unique JPM and how those preparations are different than what they’ve done in the past. Appearing in this executive virtual roundtable (EVR) video are:

  • Terry-Ann Burrell, CFO, Beam Therapeutics
  • Hunter Smith, CFO, Rhythm Pharmaceuticals
  • Jim Woody, Ph.D., CEO, 180 Life Sciences