Newsletter | May 15, 2024

05.15.24 -- Putting People First For Business Growth


Webinar: Technology Overload: Addressing Site Challenges of Digital Trials

In this webcast, featured speakers from GSK, Medable, and Alcanza Research will thoroughly explore sites' experiences of digital/hybrid trials. They'll discuss the importance, and benefits, of implementing a change management strategy coupled with a unified digital trial platform that streamlines eConsent, eCOA, sensors and integration workflows into a single end-to-end experience. Click here to learn more.


The Power Of Putting People First In Driving Business Growth

Happy workers drive high performing businesses. Biopharma executive John Harlow shares five tips for adopting a people-first mindset and other strategies for meaningful engagement with colleagues.


To Be Or Not To Be Interchangeable: Global Biosimilar Development

Biosimilars hold the potential to transform patient care by reducing the cost of biologic therapies. Learn about the complex path to FDA approval for biosimilars.

NK Cells: 3 Strategies For Creating A Cost-Effective Program

There is a significant opportunity for NK cell-based therapies to continue to make a significant impact in patient care. Discover three strategies for creating a cost-effective NK cell biopharma product.

Sialic Acid Clone Screening Through A High-Throughput Lectin Assay

While the traditional high-performance analytical methods used to evaluate glycosylation offer high accuracy, their throughput limitations can create time and cost constraints that may hinder development.

When QuickBooks Leaves Your Life Sciences Venture Struggling

Is QuickBooks keeping pace with your life sciences venture? Learn the signs when it's time to move beyond and adopt tailored solutions for growth, compliance, collaboration, security, and automation.

Accelerating Your Gene Therapy: Not All Platforms Are Created Equal

Standardized methods, materials, and analytics are critical for overcoming hurdles in the gene therapy space. Explore how a platform approach to fast-track AAVs can enhance quality and efficiency.

Talent, Infrastructure, And Support To Drive Drug Development

Middlesex County, NJ, offers life sciences organizations a deep talent pool, an extensive R&D presence, and dedicated backing by local government investment.


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