Newsletter | February 2, 2024

02.02.24 -- The Return Of Small Molecules


2024 PDA CDMO Partnership Workshop

Unlock success in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry by attending the 2024 PDA CDMO Relationship Management Workshop, March 28-29, in Long Beach, CA. Gain invaluable insights into optimizing critical partnerships with CDMOs. Learn how to streamline communication, enhance project oversight, navigate regulatory complexities, and control costs effectively. Discover best practices for supplier selection and risk mitigation. Learn more and register today!


Companies To Watch: Promontory Therapeutics

A novel small molecule developer aims to shake up the solid tumor treatment landscape.

Empress Builds Base For Small Molecule Innovation

Empress, launched by Flagship Pioneering, aims to harness AI and evolutionary biology to design the next generation of small molecule therapies.


Closing The Gap Between C-Suite Vision And Operational Reality

Unearth how biopharma companies are bridging the gap between C-suite members and clinical operations with these scalable and practical solutions.

Optimization-By-Design: A Critical Factor In Viral Vector Scale Up

Explore how leveraging the expertise and capabilities of an experienced partner is a key factor in optimizing AAV processes using design of experiment (DoE), thereby reducing variability and risk.

Patient Perspectives: The Balancing Act Of Trial Participation

While technology plays a vital role in clinical trials, learn why it shouldn't overshadow the need for empathy, patient-centered care, and recognition of the individual behind the data.

AVV Manufacturing Platform To Produce Safer Vaccines Cheaper

In this study, we present a second-generation purification procedure for adenoviral vectors based on monolith chromatography that secures safer products and enhances purity at higher yields.

Leveraging Novel Analytical Approaches For Advanced Therapies

Review the advantages and limitations of transcriptional assays versus reporter gene assays and how the transcriptional assay compares to ddPCR and flow cytometry for analysis of CGTs.


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