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05.17.24 -- Tips For Master Data Management


A New Prescription For PBMs with Allan Shaw

Allan Shaw rejoins Business of Biotech to expose the murky role PBMs play in the last, costly mile of the drug distribution supply chain. Allan pulls no punches in his criticism of the rebate structure and shares why the model leaves patients and manufacturers stuck with the spiraling tab. He also explains why an election year, all-time lows in public perception of the pharma industry, and inflation might create the perfect storm for real change.


Ensuring Security And Privacy In Life Sciences Master Data Governance

High-quality and secure data is the lifeblood of biopharmaceutical innovation and organizational success. Ravikumar Vallepu offers best practices for master data governance plans, and how to cultivate a data-centric culture.


Diversity In Clinical Trials: Walking The Walk

Discover why achieving true diversity demands more than rhetoric — requiring genuine engagement, cultural humility, and a commitment to addressing the unique needs of marginalized communities.

Making The Case For Case Management For Cell And Gene Therapies

It is crucial to ensure that CGT supply chain risks are mitigated and to have proactive strategies in place to address unforeseen challenges before they become an issue.

Don’t Sign Yet: How To Detect And Avoid Hidden CRO Contract Costs

Navigating the complex landscape of clinical trials can be challenging. Utilize this reliable CRO Checklist to empower teams to stay ahead and safeguard every trial's budget effectively.

Faster Determination Of Dynamic Binding Capacity

Streamline the downstream process using variable pathlength technology to determine the DBC of affinity chromatography resins to produce reliable data more effectively and efficiently.

Are You Aiming For The Bullseye Or Just The Target?

Learn what this author has to say about focusing on a clinical trial's outcome when developing Risk-Based Quality Management strategies.

Strategic Management Of The Mature Product Portfolio

Explore a new outsourcing paradigm that integrates expertise, regulatory knowledge, efficiency, and cost containment, moving beyond traditional low-cost offshore staffing models.


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