What Advice Do You Have For An Executive Weighing An Exit From A Company For Which They Are A Leader And A Board Member?

Source: Life Science Leader
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Carefully consider your reputation and that of the company. As an executive operating the business and a board member, you are in a sensitive position as your moves may telegraph unintended messages to owners/shareholders. Positioning your exit is critically important, and an executive typically has three options: personal, philosophical/strategic differences, or a better opportunity.

The best exit strategy is to thoughtfully engineer an exit that positions you for a move that expands your scope and responsibilities. In my career I have used four tests to determine the potential for a career move:

  • impact I can have in the position
  • innovative potential of the products/molecules
  • societal good that can be generated by successfully advancing the new company’s agenda
  • undervalued assets of the new organization and the potential for value recognition in the next one-to-two years.

RICH DALY, COO of BeyondSpring, has more than 25 years of biopharmaceutical industry leadership experience, including roles as chairman and CEO.