What Advice Do You Have For Executives Considering Ex-Pat Opportunities In South American Countries?

Source: Life Science Leader
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Before you sign up, first check your resiliency meter. Your ability to reset expectations and adapt to unforeseen situations will be constantly challenged, so you need to be ready. Second, be aware that diversity in this region of the world also relates to location, as you may end up living in densely populated areas, e.g., Mexico City, Sao Paulo, or a more remote area where getting to and from your home country could be problematic, and material things you take for granted scarce. Third, be open to the intellectual adventure, as these appointments can be some of the more rewarding professional experiences that evolve your mindset as a leader. For example, working in more isolated areas provides an opportunity to experiment with new approaches to problem-solving.

RAÚL E. DIAZ directs MSD Animal Health Large Molecules Biopharm. Operations in Monte Carlo, Brazil. He has managed Merck manufacturing facilities in Europe, Mexico, and the U.S.