What Advice Do You Have For Someone Aspiring To Become A Biopharma CEO?

Source: Life Science Leader
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STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT MATTERS MOST. Begin by building a community of innovation and purpose. Leaders are responsible for championing therapeutic solutions and contributing to the well-being of their company, colleagues, and most important, patients. Driving innovation requires a culture that values ideas, inclusion, and transparency. A community of performance is possible only when centered on physician customers and patients.

In this era, the best talent can go anywhere. Compensation is competitive everywhere. Opportunity is all around us every day. Culture and collaboration are the competitive currency of innovation. Biopharma CEOs must rally people who believe that together they can improve people’s lives. The CEO is charged with uniting people to that mission.

TIM WRIGHT is CEO of MiMedx Group, Inc. He has served as a senior executive at global pharmaceutical companies, including Teva, Covidien, and DuPont, leading all aspects of R&D and commercialization.