What Advice Do You Have For Women Interested In Becoming Senior-Level Leaders And Serving On Corporate Boards Of Biopharma Companies?

Source: Life Science Leader
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Here’s some advice from the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA):

  1. Prepare a board bio that clearly calls out what you uniquely bring to the table.
  2. Consider a board preparation program for board service knowledge and connections.
  3. Make it widely known that you are interested in board service and network with purpose.
  4. Make it easier to find you by speaking, media exposure, and published thought leadership.
  5. Identify seats early by researching boards that may need new board members (e.g., IPOs).
  6. Prepare thoroughly for your interview and have excellent questions ready.
  7. While a corporate board seat is certainly a higher accountability and liability than a volunteer board seat, volunteer board seats are valuable in understanding board service and fellow board members might connect you to other board roles.

LAURIE P. COOKE, RPH, PGDIP, CAE is the CEO of HBA, a global nonprofit professional association.