What Are Pharma Companies Doing To Provide Greater Commitment To Ethical Practices And Transparencies Along With Corporate Social Responsibility?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A | THE SIMPLE FACT IS THAT EVERY INDUSTRY AND PROFESSION HAS BAD ACTORS whose actions are damaging to the entire sector; people who do not understand that when you cut corners, you hit walls. Recognizing this, companies large and small need to be prepared for their “moment” when the actions of others, external or sadly internal to their organization, damage or have the potential to damage the reputation of the company. An increasing number of companies have appointed chief ethics officers and/or established ethics programs, and many are requiring ethics training for, at the least, their senior management team.

KENNETH MOCH is president and CEO of Cognition Therapeutics and has 30 years of experience building and financing biomedical companies. He has been CEO of five life sciences companies.