What Are Some Of The Best Business Practices That Didn't Exist At Your Company Prior To COVID-19 That Will Likely Continue Long After The Pandemic Subsides?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A | THIS “GREAT HR EXPERIMENT” HAS LED TO A VASTLY MORE EFFICIENT AND ENTREPRENEURIAL MODEL for us in three ways. First, we now realize that many business aspects can be managed through telepresence, leading to a “customized” approach to each company position and more flexibility in how, when, and where we work. Second, managing significant parts of a global business through videoconferencing requires that we empower decision-making much more diffusely throughout all levels of the company than ever before. Finally, it has advanced even further the sense of urgency around our commitment to our mission for patients. Every day matters. We believe that this time of reflection and reimagination will lead to a stronger business and ultimately more medicines for patients with rare diseases.

JOHN CROWLEY is the Chairman & CEO of Amicus Therapeutics, a global biotech focused on developing medicines for people living with rare diseases.