What Are Some Of The Best Practices You've Observed Being Implemented That Positively Impacted A Company's Corporate Culture?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A | DEVELOPING RESILIENT LEADERS WHO CAN SKILLFULLY NAVIGATE THE NEW ENVIRONMENT AND A TEAM CULTURE THAT IS ABLE TO ADAPT to a dramatically changed set of circumstances is critical for the survival of a business. I recently was involved in a major business restructuring and downsizing. We implemented multiple strategies to help strengthen individual and team resilience as we worked to implement the changes — these ranged from hosting small group conversations to help people understand how resilience works to rolling out a series of change-leadership workshops. Of all the initiatives and practices we implemented, those that had the greatest impact centered on helping people increase their level of self-awareness, building trust and collaboration at the team level, and helping people at all levels continue to find meaning in their work and encouraging them to find creative solutions using available resources.

SANDRA POOLE is a senior biopharma executive with extensive technical operations, manufacturing, and business strategy experience now serving on company boards for Retrophin, Valneva, and ViaCyte.