What Are You Working On Outside Of Your Role As Plant Manager For MSD Pharmaceutical Operations At Merck?

Source: Life Science Leader
Raul Díaz

A: AS AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF MEXICO’S CANIFARMA (National Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry), I’ve been presiding over its Operations & Manufacturing Commission for the last three years. This is a diverse group of pharma executives, representing both national and multinational companies, with an ambitious agenda of positioning our pharma industry as a priority endeavor for the Mexican government. The potential impact could include enhanced incentives and benefits for our industry, emphasis on R&D activities, and a more secure supply chain through the development of world-class, highly compliant local sources of supply. With a highly respected and progressive regulatory environment and a technically skilled workforce, these efforts will continue to provide Mexico with the tools to become a prominent member of the world’s pharma community.

Raul is plant manager for MSD Pharmaceutical Operations at Merck and directs the Merck Manufacturing Division’s (MMD) human health operations in Mexico. For the last 26 years, he has managed MMD facilities in Europe and the U.S., and led global strategy development and execution activities.